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Appoint Task Forces During this step, your group should further discuss the possible projects, identify three to five club opportunities (based on the number of participants) and set up task forces to research each project further.

Begin by reviewing the improvements that were identified during the last meeting. Collect ideas for implementing these improvements, discuss possible action steps and explain how a Lions club can help them accomplish their goals. Next, recruit qualified and interested Lions club volunteers and/or potential members as indicated below.

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Lions clubs that organize meaningful community service projects make a significant impact on the people they serve. Lions feel they have made a valued contribution and potential members are more likely to support the project.

This step-by-step guide helps your new or existing club identify meaningful service projects and develop an effective plan of action. You will find this group guide exciting as you exchange ideas and accomplish more than one Lion alone!

“All great societal changes were the result of an idea that was shared with others to gain their commitment, develop a plan of action and make the idea a reality.”